“Yup those are my nipples. So what?” says, Padma Lakshmi

“And this one I love….and yup those are my nipples. So what? We have all become so afraid of what a woman’s natural body actually looks like these days. Thank you @elleindiaofficial for not airbrushing them out! They used to be a bit higher but you know #littlehands, that thirsty little bugger!!!” says Lakshmi, Indian-born American author, actress, model, television host.Padma5

This is something nation has made taboo. Women did not wear a blouse. In many parts of India, it was once an optional garment. Though a kanchuki (a cloth tied across the top like a strapless bikini) was often worn.PadmaLakshmi 2

WHY are we so ashamed of talking our own breast, nipples or our inherited bodies? Why are we ogling at them when we see a girl wearing a sheer top or woman next door wears a chiffon saree.PadmaLkashmi

Our breasts are one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of your body as a woman. Show them a little love with a weekly self-massage session, and they will love you in return! Says author of Peruquois.PadmaLakshmi 3

For years, the debilitating spasms that cost her work assignments and pressured her marriage were treated as a low threshold for pain. “Nobody calls in sick to their bosses and says I have my period. They say ‘Oh, I have a headache.’ People don’t take you seriously because you’ve been downplaying your pain as it is. I was missing two or three days of work every month,” says Lakshmi,PadmaLakshmi 1

We totally agree with a leggy lass! We are so concerned about our skin color, and fat. Skinny, pear shape or curvy figure? Who dictates these terms? But seriously when the madness will end? We need to ask these questions to ourselves and love the way we are, not just for us but also for our little girls and for the better society.

Image Courtesy: ElleIndia

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