Why your party dress is precious ?

Don’t stress over upkeep of your favourite party dress, the one that fetched you many compliments when you wore it for a party last night.

Here are a few tips to maintain your fave party dress!

1. Keep the perfume off

Perfume is meant for skin, not for your dress. In case you have done that, make sure to wash or dry clean your dress.If you keep your dress back in your Almira with the perfume on, it will damage the fabric and elasticity.

2. Wash or Dry Clean

An expensive party dress needs special care. To get rid of stain or dirt, wash it or give it for dry cleaning, depending on the fabric. For instance, cotton dresses you can wash on your own, but velvet, satin and silk dresses require dry cleaning. Similarly, woolen dresses need to be washed in warm water with special detergent. Keeping the nature of fabrics in mind, treat them carefully.

3. Storage

Once washed, dried and ironed; the next step is very crucial, as your dress will sit pretty in your wardrobe till the next party happens.Wrap the dress in a plastic sheet and keep some air holes for circulation. Place it in a cardboard box or plastic box. This will keep the dress away from dust or odor. In case, you have a separate
Almira for special clothes, hang them separately.

4. Fragrances

Stored for months and years, in the plastic wrap or paper wrap, the dresses might catch some odor. Use naphthalene balls or camphor soaps while storing.

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