Woman Foodpreneurs: A Mexican Flavour Burst

Uma Badve had it all planned. With an entrepreneur father, she took up mechanical engineering so she could join him. Post college, she ventured out into the real world to get a feel of the corporate world before she joined her family business. But destiny had other plan. After working with a few organisations, Uma took the plunge into the food business and started Picanto Mexican Grill in 2014. It was after intense research and years of thinking that Uma and her friend Shruti narrowed down on Mexican cuisine. A big reason behind this was also that they wanted to serve something that wasn’t easily available.Uma and Shruti

Like any other business, this one had its starting struggles too. From giving up weekends and hefty checks to sourcing staff, there was a whole lot that Uma figured her way around. The cuisine was also one of the biggest struggles in the initial days because people aren’t so well versed with it. However, Uma observed that once that barrier had been broken, customers thoroughly enjoyed the cuisine, especially because of its closeness to Indian food. While these problems soon disappeared once they got settled, the focus today, has shifted to quality control and consistency in service and food across their 3 outlets. With close vigilance and extensive use of technology, they are being able to achieve the same.burrito (1024x683)

Picanto Mexican Grill is a recipient of the Times Award for ‘Best Mexican Restaurant In Pune’ and things are on in full swing for them. It is the passion for food and entrepreneurship that keeps Uma going. Being a hands on business, each day is a challenge.tacos

A challenge that Uma thoroughly enjoys. With a love for big, bold flavours and natural ingredients, it’s easy to see where her love for Mexican food comes from and it is this love that charges her determination. Over the next few years, Uma wants to take Picanto Mexican Grill pan India and introduce Mexican food to as many people as possible.tres leches cake_resized

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