Why Kangana Ranaut Is The Leading Lady Of Bollywood?

Kangana Ranaut is the girl who follows her instincts rather than going with her mind. She is not a follower of a carved path, she creates her own niche. Tonnes of attitude she carries, everything oozes an x-factor. She has an oomph in her attitude and in her life too. Let’s have a look on the traits that stand her out of the race.

When every actress in the industry is going head to toe to make easy money, Kangana is the one to watch out for. She is not in haste to have a big fat bank balance. She is neither eager to work with big banners nor in the queue of the actresses who take up a film with khans or Kapoor’s just to have a piece of limelight, rather she prefers to take risks with the scripts. She is getting acclamation with her low budgeted movies sans superstars. Her recent movies like rajjo, revolver rani, queen and Tanu weds Manu series have made her stand in a different race altogether.Queen

In this industry where every actress is quantified by the work she is doing, products she is endorsing Kangana seems to have her own rules. She is not compromising with her values and ethics she has been imbibed with to be in the eyes of the industry. She turned down a whooping Rs. 2 crore deal with a fairness cream brand as it was against her morals. She was quoted saying if she will be endorsing such a product than it would be an insult to her sister who is dusky in complexion.Tanu Weds Manu

Kangana Ranaut is undoubtedly an undiplomatic person who does not give a statement just to please somebody. She is vocal about her statements in all the questions put forth her. She has a let go off attitude which helps her to not get affected when she is mocked about her accent, her fashion sense and her knowledge of speaking English. She is clearly stealing the recognition with her traits.To just sum up “You can either love her or hate her but cannot ignore her.”

Kangana proves herself again the unbeatable in the industry. Just when nobody thought of, Kangana delivers again with her new upcoming release KATTI BATTI. She breaks the stereotype that only boys could have all the fun. She essays the character of a girl who believes in time pass romance, live in relation, unlike other movies where these roles are meant for the boys only. She portrays the character with an ease and compliments the chocolaty boy IMRAN KHAN with style. With this movie, she is on a spree of completing the hattrick of three hit films back 2 back. She proved her mettle once again n knows her targets n shots too. For viewing Kangana in action view the trailer of the movie in the following youtube link.

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