Why Breakfast Must Not Be Skipped

Breakfast or the first meal of the day is often skipped by many people and save it for lunch. Now from my personal experience people skip breakfast for two reasons – they like to lose weight in wrong manner or they are in hurry.

But skipping breakfast is not a healthy option. As you are skipping breakfast there is a long gap of 8-10 hours between your dinner and lunch. This creates an energy crisis in your body, especially in the brain. Now to supply energy body starts metabolism in higher rate, but as you skip breakfast for a week, body switches into starvation mode and gears down metabolism rate. As a result soon you will be found with lethargy and loss of concentration. And your lunch, dinner and other meals will be converted to fat to save the starvation mode.

So skipping breakfast is not a good option, even if you are dieting to get a good figure. Basically it is now advised by nutritionists that you better have the largest meal in breakfast to fuel your body at the beginning of the day. It will save you from getting over-eaten in lunch in case you skip the breakfast.

There are many recommendations for breakfast meal. I am suggesting some Indian meal for breakfast. Have rice or roti or whole grain breads with plenty of vegetables which are rich in fiber. You can have hardboiled egg, fishes and low fat meat, low fat dairy products and fruits at the end. Dal is also good as it includes veg protein.Try to cut down sugar rich, saturated fat rich foods.

Now you may like to eat breakfast first in the morning. For them split the meal in two or three parts. Have tea or coffee or water with lime juice in the very morning. Then have the meal and before you leave home have the fruit or yogurt.

Why Breakfast Must Not Be Skipped

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