When Sonam Brought Out The Funniest Fears In Celebrities

‘Neerja’ hits the screens today and over the last few days, Sonam Kapoor asked everyone to come out and speak about their fears and how they conquer it! Bollywood came out in full support and several celebs opened up about they’re afraid of and how they deal or dealt with it!

But how can humour be far behind?

The exercise also got out the funny side of a lot of celebrities and we loved it! Read on to know more!

Karan Johar

“Anyone who ever takes a photograph of mine with my right profile. It should always be my left.”

Don’t we all have a good profile and a bad one?


Alia Bhatt  

“I have major FOMO. I need to be everywhere, I need to be doing everything.”  


Anil Kapoor

“Sitting on the dining table and going hysterical and berserk where food is concerned. So I overcome it by sitting with my wife.”

Did Anil Kapoor just reveal his secret to looking so fit?

Shahid Kapoor

Expression says it all



“I’ll keep ageing and my father won’t. And one day he will look like a boy and everybody will call me ‘maaji, maaji.'”

Someone tell this girl she’s gorgeous and ageless!


Tanmay Bhatt

“One day Coldplay will ask me to be in their video and I will be in there for exactly 3 seconds!”

Ooooh! Little bit of a burn there! But gotta love Sonam Kapoor for taking it so sportingly. And like she said, Tanmay will definitely register in those 3 seconds so clearly, he has nothing to worry about!


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