When A Newspaper Reported ‘Julia Robert’s Holes Are Getting Better With Age’

Recently, a New York-based newspaper’s ‘headline’ made headlines which said, “Julia Robert Finds Life and Her Holes Are Get Better With Age”.

The infamous article was based on an interview of Julia Roberts that was conducted by the Associated Press. It is a news agency that publishes articles that are then reprinted in newspapers and on news websites.

On December 5, the article was printed in the New York Times as well as the Washington Post.Twitteraties burst into laughter as soon as it was noticed and within no time, it became a subject of a lot of jokes and memes. Twitter just couldn’t stop obsessing over it!

See for yourself-
But it soon turned out to be a ‘typo’. It was supposed to be ‘Roles’ instead of ‘Holes’. The newspaper published an apology in its later edition and told that the headline should have been “Julia Roberts and Her Roles Get Better With Age”.

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