What do women look for in a prospective husband?

The idea of an arranged marriage is quite simple to understand, there are still a lot of things a young woman must consider before she decides to tie to knot and choose a life partner. A woman, no matter how modern and successful, will have a very straight forward view of what she wants in a partner.

Here are some of them:

Not just first impressions Most of the time, families may believe that one or two meetings with the prospective groom and their families are sufficient for getting to know them. There needs to be some time given to both the individuals to understand each other better and wait to see if they are compatible. Arguably, everyone is at their best behavior in the first meeting, but that is not what a decision of a lifetime can be based on.

Socially capable:

What if he has to attend parties in her work group? Can he handle her being in the limelight? Will he be able to accept her long working hours and her ambitions? A woman today wants a man who will accept her as an individual and respect and love her for it. And who she can love and respect equally.

Chauvinism is old

Gone are the days of the knights in shining armor and the damsels in the distress. Today’s women can save themselves and also lend a helping hand to their spouses. Chauvinistic men, who believe that women need to be protected in all aspects of life and that women are incapable of taking their own decisions is a thing of the past. So men, kindly deal with it!

Honesty and integrity

It always boils down to mutual honesty and trust. It is the fundamental of all relationships. Every marriage, whether a love marriage or an arranged one, requires complete honesty at both ends. Especially when the marriage is an arranged one, it takes a bigger effort to be honest before you start a life together. And women appreciate honesty a lot. If you don’t like something she does, tell it to her at a good time. Chances are, she will respect you for it.

An equal relationship

Finally, men need to come to terms with the fact that a working marriage today requires sacrifices and compromises at both ends. It cannot work if it is one sided. As much as men like their independence and space, they need to know that women like it too and cherish it equally. So if she is ill one day, maybe you could make breakfast. Women appreciate an equal attitude. Right from the beginning.

We need to remember that all marriages are forever, or at least they start out to be, and hence the decision to be with someone becomes very crucial. All the best ladies!

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