[Video] Vogue Empower – My Choice. It is, Indeed, Our Choice Ladies!

Ours is a country where women are constantly scrutinized by the society for decisions they make in their personal lives. Issues like pre marital sex, decisions to not have children, divorces, and many more are discussed at length by the society and the woman is often subjected to harsh judgement.

Keeping this mind, Vogue came out with a video under their ‘Vogue Empower’ campaign called ‘My Choice.’

Starring Deepika Padukone along with Anaita Shroff, Zoya Akhtar, Scherezade Shroff and several other powerful women, this video talks about the choices every woman has.

The verdict is clear, isn’t it? We loved the video! It’s such a powerful message communicated via an equally powerful, yet simple video.

So here’s to all the women: Your decisions are yours. Never let society bully you into taking a step you aren’t for. It is after all, your choice.

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