[Video] SHE Reviews: Giftease.com – Online Gifting Store

“Girls, today we are officially launching a brand new section on our site – SHEReviews!

We at WSL understand how important it is to know how good a product or service is, before making the purchase. And hence, we’ve decided to ease it up for you by reviewing the product/service beforehand!

With this, we aim to help you all with ‘Smart Buying’ – a process where you are fully aware about the product or service, its negatives, positives and whether or not the purchase is the right decision.

Today we are reviewing an online gifting store – Giftease.com – a site that aims to make the process of gifting a whole lot easier.

We’re hoping the review will give you a better insight into this online store and don’t forget to like, comment and share if you found the review helpful!”

4 thoughts on “[Video] SHE Reviews: Giftease.com – Online Gifting Store

  1. Excellent compliation loved how she explained each and everything in love with it thanks you made my gifting life easier looking forward for more video review in coming days.

  2. First video review , full marks for the Anchor and whatshelikes team her confidence has made huge impact on the video review good job both looking forward for more reviews in coming days

  3. I was not aware of Giftease till i saw this video review thanks whatshelikes to giving me a headsup i use to deped on fnp and otther sites now whatshelikes you have made my job easy thanks a ton !

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