Review: Why VWash Plus is a better Intimate Hygiene Product than its Competitor

It is nice and encouraging seeing such growing awareness among women regarding intimate hygiene. Although, most of this awareness could be attributed to the increasingly aggressive marketing strategies being employed by firms that make such products. This has, however, worked in favour of women as it has helped educate them about the necessity for better intimate hygiene. This is a topic less spoken about in our culture as we live in a more reserved society.

VWash Plus works by balancing the vaginal pH. The vaginal region has an ideal pH of 4.2 to 5. During menstruation our blood discharge, which has a pH of 7.3 to 7.4, disturbs the delicate pH balance of the vaginal region leading to increase in bacterial and fugal growth. This may cause vaginal infections. VWash Plus contains Lactobacilli as well as Tea Tree oil and Sea Buckthorn oil that help maintain the vaginal pH.

What the brand claims

Glenmark, the makers of VWash claim that it helps prevent vaginal infections and maintain the vagina’s ideal pH.

What She Likes

  1. Contains ingredients such as Lactobacilli that fight vaginal infection. Tea tree oil and Sea Buckthorn oil help soothe the delicate vaginal area,

  2. Good for sensitive skin

  3. Lathers well and has a pleasant fragrance.

  4. Is slightly thick and does not spill easily.

  5. Suitable for regular use

What She hates

Though the product is very good, there are three things which I personally did not like.

  1. The price! (debatable)

  2. The bottle cap is delicate

  3. Product description is very small on the bottle and we find difficult to read

It should also be available in smaller sizes such a sachets so that it could be taken anywhere, especially places where hygiene may be compromised, such as at public toilets found at restaurants and malls

Our Take

Overall, I must say that I am impressed with the product ingredients. However, as I said earlier that cost does seem to be a factor. Priced at Rs 140 for 100 ml it does seem costly. This could be highly debated as we do tend to spend more on something as important as a lipstick! I hope the manufacturers make the price slightly reasonable. And as I always say, there is scope for improvement. But for now, VWash seems to be a decent option for meeting a woman’s intimate hygiene needs. Take care, live well…live safe!

11 thoughts on “Review: Why VWash Plus is a better Intimate Hygiene Product than its Competitor

  1. I wanted to buy and try this product for long but was looking for a perfect review but after reading this review i will definitely going forward and try vwash.

  2. Hey Stella.. Thank you for your comment.. I took your advice and bought vwash from the website you mentioned. The product is totally worth it.

  3. Hey Admin.. The Snow Flakes effect on the website is also awesome. Keep it up with the good reviews and interactive site

  4. I was using the product (Vwash) from pretty long time and some how i used to get the desired result but in the last week when I had visited a retail shop in Malviya Nagar, Delhi I came to know about a new product which I bought and used. Now I would like to say that its fantastic product in this category under the name Everteen Vaginal Intimate Wash which is made from 100% natural active ingredients and very safe. The other thing which I liked was its fragrance and its transparent packing.

  5. My favorite brand coz it is a product used for daily need. People often ignore body hygiene and look for outwardly beauty enhancing products. This product is good for all skin types and is more essential and people actually believe it is 🙂

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