Upcoming Gadgets Girls Can Look for in 2013

A new year came, and it’s already 2 month old. Every year technology becomes advanced, produces more than ever cooler gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

After enormous success of Galaxy S III, Samsung is preparing for its next flagship model.Though no details has been revealed, it is quite obvious that S IV is going to be one of the most anticipated device in 2013.

Google’s project glass

Last year confirmed Google’s Project Glass is one of most anticipated tech in 2013. It will show information over the glass of the spectacle – maps, directions, messages, weather reports and etc.Though concrete details has not leaked to outer world, Google is working hard to make it perfect.

XBox 720

If you are a gamer, you will think about it. As rumored it is to be coming up with quad core processor, 8 GB of RAM, and support for Blue Ray, 3D gaming and live TV recording. A powerful gaming console is due on 2013.

Alternate mobile operating systems

Android and iOS are market’s top two mobile operating system and jointly holds for nearly 90% of market share. Both Blackberry and Microsoft are fighting for the spot no 3, while a new blend of operating systems are going to debut in this 2013. Samsung’s Tizen, Canonical’s Ubuntu Mobile, Mozilla’s FirefoxOS and Jolla can be hard hitter with their own devices.

iPhone 5S

May be, but yes a new version of iPhone is always market stirrer. It is a race for Apple to put iPhone 5+ beyond Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Windows 8 powered devices – TV/Tablets/Laptop/Desktop/Smartphones & etc

Microsoft has released Win8 OS, but it is yet to take off properly. Though laptop makers are pushing Win8 heavily, tablets, smartphones are yet to see Win8 boom. It would be nice to see Microsoft’s strategy to make Win8 a killer.

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