Sneak Peek into grand Gudi Padwa celebrations

The Marathi words Gudi Padwa mean Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. This actually refers to the first day of the month Chaitra. The Maharashtrians celebrate their new year on this day.Flaunt that Marathi Look

Gudi Puja

The day begins with the ritualistic offerings made to God. The puja begins with the creator of the universe, Lord Brahma. A sacrificial fire or the havan is made where the offerings are given.

Gudi Padwa celebrations

A beautifully decorated stick known as the Gudi is regarded as the flag of Lord Brahma and it is hoisted in every house. The gudi is made by decorating a bamboo stick with brocade and neem leaves tied to it. An inverted copper pot is put on it with a swastika symbol.

Gudi Padwa home décor and new purchase

To the beginning of a new year, people decorate their houses with diyas, flowers, string lights, candles and rangoli. People give their homes a new look with bright colored cushions, stylish drapes or even curtains and wall papers to give the room a different look. This is an occasion of decorating the house and of making new purchases. Apart from this people also purchase gold ornaments and silver. This is one of the auspicious day to buy Property, Vehicles, Electronic Goods.

Gudi Padwa delicacies

Special Marathi delicacies like karhi, dal bhaji, masala bhat, shree khand, aloo bhaji, Maharashtrian wada and chutney. These items form part of the sumptuous meal. The homemade sweet delicacies include the traditional puran poli which are made by stuffing a mixture of chick peas and jaggery. The freshly made gulab jamuns are also commonly enjoyed in every household.

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