This Mother Daughter Yoga will Definitely Inspire You !

“Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!!! I am 37 years young today and never felt better! Do more yoga… I swear it keeps you young!!” says, New Jersey based Yoga instructor Laura Kasperzak.

Laura has 926,773 followers on Instagram and still growing everyday (can you believe this ??). Laura’s pictures with her 4 year old cute little daughter Mini went viral on Social Media recently, and we couldn’t control ourselves to get you the glimpses of them.

Yoga is no more boring and working out with kids is more fun! We just loved their cute BIG smiles and mother daughter duo’s color coordinated outfits.

Here are a few of our favorite yoga poses!

Girls, what you think about them? Let us know in the comment box below. And do follow @laurasykora on Instagram for more such inspirational yoga poses!

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