10 Must Have Things In First Aid Kit For Home Use

A first aid kit, needless to say, is essential for every household and its importance continues to be of utmost importance.Firstly, a first aid kit needs to be kept in a place which you can easily find and should be accessible to every member of the family.First Aid

Secondly, a first aid kit should be in your house as well as your car you never know when you would need it, right?

  1. Adhesive tape such as Band-aid for minor cuts and injuries.
  2. Anti-septic liquid ( a small bottle of Dettol or Savalon).
  3. Sterile Gauze pad in varying sizes and an adhesive tape to secure them( I prefer the Johnson and Johnson First Aid Tape) The Adhesive tape can also secure small cuts and bruises effectively.
  4. A pair of disposable gloves (comes in handy especially when dealing with someone else’s wounds).Disposable gloves come in handy especially when dealing with open wounds or any other body fluids.
  5. Thermometers (preferably the digital thermometers for its accuracy and easy use during emergencies).
  6. An anti-biotic cream such as Soframycin.
  7. An anti-septic powder such as Neosporin powder.
  8. An Over-the Counter (OTC) pain killer.
  9. Sharp Scissors.
  10. Safety pins.

Awareness is the key to Safety. Go ahead, be safe and stay safe.

These items are essential for anyone trying to make a first aid kit. Keep these in handy, and it will never let you down in an emergency situation.

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