Tech Savvy Girls’ Must-Haves in 2013 !

These days girls are no way less than boys being tech savvy. They are buying latest gadgets, playing games on different devices and doing homework from internet before buying a stuff!

1. Ultra-portable laptop

A laptop is must for everyone. And for a girl there are solid reasons to buy an ultra portable laptop. A 10 inch or 12 inch stuff works great, though costly Apple Macbook Air is the ultimate choice. If you have strict budget get Acer, Asus or Samsung – 10” or 12” models with Intel Atom or AMD APU Dual Core processors are best value for money laptops.

2. Pen drive or External hard disk

Pen drives of 8 GB and 16GB is okay for everyday work. But if you are looking for sharing huge files an 500GB external HDD (without external power) is the best option. At present 500 GB ext. HDD comes for Rs 3000 around.

3. A Smartphone

Though Apple iPhone may be the ultimate fashionista for girls, you may look into Sony Xperia series for colorful choices. Android 4.0 with tons of free apps can be your best partner.

4. Digital SLR Camera

A person has his/her photographer alter ego in their inside. Why don’t you open up? Smartphones are quite good to deliver pictures, but pictures taken with DSLR means awesomeness guaranteed. May be it is not your all time companion, but take it on your photo tours!

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