Tablets Buying Guide for Indian Women

These days tablets are new-age gadgets filling the gap between the laptops and mobile phones. Buying the perfect tablet for own-self is a tough job.

Before you buy a tablet, do some homework. Follow some simple rules.

1. First decide the screen size – there are several sizes available – 5″, 6″, 7″, 9″, 10″ and more. Think clearly how big you want, 7″ is common screen size.

2. Do you need calling facility on the tablet or not. WiFi only tablets will cost less than SIM slot-enabled tablets. If you have WiFi facilities at office, hostel or home WiFi tablets suit you best.

3. Buy tablets from reputed brands to save yourself from unwanted troubles. If you buy a cheap tablet from a little-known company who does not have servicecenter at your city, you will have lots of trouble to get services under warranty.

4. Unless you are in hurry, take time to decide the model. Ask your friends, ask salespersons at stores and check out online reviews and compare the price on offline and online stores.

5. Until few weeks back, Android is the mass choice, Apple iOS is for upper classes. But Windows 8 running tablets are coming in the markets.

Apple iPad & Apple iPad Mini

Apple has iPad and iPad 2 in 9.7″ display. Wifi only iPads start from Rs 24,500 around. While WiFi+Cellular variants are coming at Rs 40,000 onwards.
Apple also launched iPad Mini with 7.9″ display which are starting from Rs 22,000 (WiFi models) and Rs 30,000 (WiFi+Cellular).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Android takes a shape with Samsung’s Galaxy series. Tab2 from Samsung starts from Rs 20,000 or less and offers excellent Android experience.

Sony Xperia Tabs

Though these tabs from Sony are not a hit among Indians, these large sized Xperias can be your style statements.

Asus Transformers/Convertibles

Asus has some cool tablets running Android and some with Windows 8 which are fun to use. Added with Padfone or Keyboard makes it a laptop in a second. Some even comes with dual boot options. Price is more than Rs 50,000 but experience guaranteed.

Micromax Canvas A110 or Funbook

Micromax’s Funbooks are for budget tablet category and it is worth value for money. But if you are looking for powerful stuff in 5″ size format – Canvas A110 is an impressive choice.

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