Recipe : Quick Sweet and Creamy Sandwich for Sunday

A Sandwich can also be made to satisfy immediate hunger on a boring Sunday.Sweet and creamy sandwich when severed hot altogether makes more special when sliced with butter and jam.

We have summed up the below magic ingredients that will help you to make your boring Sunday into an interesting one.The best part is it can be made in five  minutes.Sweet and creamy sandwich


1. 6 bread slices buttered

2. 1 cup mix fruit jam

3. 1/4 cup thick cream

4. Butter


1. Spread jam on one slice of a bread,

2. Apply about one tablespoon thick cream on a jam spread,

3. Take another slice of a bread again apply jam and cream

4. Place cheese slice in between the bread

5. close the sandwich apply butter on the outer part of the sandwich

6. grill for a minute

7. Serve hot with french fries or potato wafers!

Hope you liked our five-minute sandwich recipe, for more such quick recipes keep visiting our food section.

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