How to Surprise Your Man in Bed !

Strip tease, rose petals, scented candles with saxophone playing at the background are old satire for heating the physical chemistry with your man in this 21st century. Surprise your man with some kinkiness and softness of your love between the sheets and make him blush. It is not the duty of man to make love to a girl, it is alright if the girl takes the first step. Here are few old and new bedroom actions, that men have found it arousing and have been able to break the ice in some relationships.

1.Open a Dialogue – Talking about daily routine life can get boring mid-week. Surprise your man with a sexy dialogue on sex. It would not only help release the tensions of work, home, etc but it boosts up energy and builds on chemistry.

2.Surprise Gift– Surprise your partner with some surprise gifts like you secretly keep a pair of new boxers or underwear in his drawer. Or take him out for dinner and direct him to a hotel room which you already pre-booked. This small weekend surprise will let you two get to know better. Men like to find the hidden treasures within women, thus unlocking a hidden sexy talent is always a good surprise for men.

3.Strip Inside Bed – Take off the exhausting load off your shoulders, get naked and crawl inside the bed, between the sheets. This will get the temperature rising in the room and have some relaxing and playful time.

4.Try New Moves – Trying some new sex positions is always exciting. It is like discovering a new self and hidden talent of your partner. This builds on the relationship and takes it to a higher level.

5. Introduce Food –  Introduce aphrodisiac foods like strawberry, chocolate, maple syrup to your sex life. These food items add excitement to the hormones which sensualise’s the sex. Try out this experiment as you like, lay them on bed or on yourself, play with your imagination and see the magic of love.

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