Style Tips From Parineeti Chopra’s Insane Style Transformation

Parineeti Chopra recently took to social media to share photos of herself from a recent photo shoot and oh-my, did it blow us away!






The first thing our mind ran back to, was the talented actress at Karan Johar’s party.


What a long way this girl has come!

Over the last few years, this girl seems to have come in, on her own. She’s understood what she likes, what she looks the best in and has managed to strike a balance between the two and looking smokin’ hot while doing so!

We took a look at her style diaries and here are a few tips we all could learn from Parineeti.


1. She Understood Herself and Stepped It Up

Honestly, we think that this is one of the main things that really turned it around for Parineeti.

You see, she doesn’t instantly give off a “I’m sexy and I know it” vibe. She’s more like the girl next door your chill with, have a beer and pizza at home in your pyjamas with, and someone who’s very approachable and friendly. She’s also got an Indian touch to her, something similar to Vidya Balan.

So here’s the thing – things that would effortlessly look good and super sexy on someone like Katrina or Deepika weren’t working for her.

Take for example this black dress she wore sometime back.


She looks cute no doubt, but can you imagine the difference if someone like Katrina wore this dress?

But over the last few years, Parineeti seems to have understood that and she has really stepped her game. Whether it’s a colour or a print, she’s pushing boundaries, little by little and making big differences!




2. Dress Your Age

We get it – it’s always fun to dress in elegant and classic clothing, but sometimes, we really do need to loosen it up and dress our age and be young!

Parineeti is a young twenty something girl and she’s started dressing like it. And we LOVE it!





3. It’s Often In The Little Details

Parineeti Chopra seems to be paying attention to the little details and it seems to be paying off for her. You see, if you do want to keep it simple, add a touch of pop or quirk here or there and you’re good to go!



Whether it’s going in for a brown pair of boots instead of pumps with a black dress or adding a hat to a simple jeans and tee, they do instantly take up the style quotient.


Girls, any style tips you’re catching on from her transformation? Let us know in the comments below!


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