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Category: Stay Fit

So do you always worry about that extra flab your arms tend to show despite an otherwise shapely body? Shy of going sleeveless? We often tend to neglect our arms while we work out. But worry not, actor, model, dancer, choreographer and emcee Reema Sarin, founder of BollyFit is here to help us with some […]
Tired of hiding the belly in long loose tees and other accessories? No fret, just give 10 minutes daily to work on your abs. Here are five easy steps to get a sexy mid-riff to be flaunted in 3 weeks. Elbow Plank To tighten the belly, this is one of the most effective exercise. Lie […]

Work Out Ideas at home !

On July 26, 2013

Get rid of remote control that turn into couch potato. Get into the habit of doing push-ups crunches or working out on a stationery bike or a treadmill while you are watching television. Try Simple fl

‘Fat’ is the scariest of all words a woman would like to be associated with. The word ‘fat’ is associated with being out of shape and, secondly, with an unhealthy body which ultimately becomes the breeding ground for many diseases. Here are 5 quick ways for women to prevent weight gain. Increase your physical activity: […]
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