Sreesanth Unfollows Dipika Kakar On Instagram Because Of Wife Bhuvaneshwari

Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar’s bond might have been the most adorable highlight of Bigg Boss 12, but off late, everything is not well between them.

Sreesanth has unfollowed Dipika Kakar, with whom he shared such a great bond in the past. The reason he told for the same is that Dipika disrespected his wife Bhuvaneshwari by unfollowing her on Instagram.

Sree was quoted saying to India Forum,

“Yes, I have unfollowed Dipika because she unfollowed my wife. And the one who doesn’t respect my wife will not be respected by me. My wife is my Shakti and support. Dipika’s fans used to abuse my wife and kids, she should have told them not to do that but she didn’t.”

Sree’s wife Bhuvaneshwari was asked by TOI to comment on the controversy, to which she replied,

“Really?! I am getting to know about this from you. Also, I don’t think its happened. I find this following and unfollowing thing on social media very immature and kiddish.”

Bhuvaneshwari also later went on to post a cryptic tweet which pretty much looked to be about the recent episode of Sree unfollowing Dipika.

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