Sport that fringe stylishly!

What is common between Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Genelia D Souza, Bipasha Basu and Jacqueline Fernandez? Well, these Bollywood beauties have sported fringes at some point in their careers, or just for fun, and have turned the style into a new fashion statement! Here is our verdict on fringes that are back in vogue.
Going by what we have seen so far, a fringe completely alters the way you look.

Sporting a fringe will give you a stylish look, will change your face cut completely and make you look cute and younger! And what’s a plus? Fringes suit everyone! Though depending on your face cut, always opt for a kind of fringe that would suit you.

Here are a few tips

  • Blunt fringes for square face: If you have a symmetrical structure like Dia Mirza, opt for blunt fringes.

  • Side swept and not too neat: This fringe style was sported by Angeline Jolie while she was promoting her movie Salt in 2009.

  • Angular fringe for face with prominent cheekbones: Rani Mukherjee managed to make her face look chiselled when she sported side bangs.

  • Pin up bangs: This gives a classic look which has been sported by Katy Perry. This can be done both on short, as well as long hair.

  • Parted fringes or parting bangs: Jessica Alba is seen wearing her hair in parted fringe style these days. This usually works for those who have large foreheads.

  • Any fringe style for oval face: If you have an oval face cut, you are lucky to sport any kind of fringe. Prominent examples are lleana D’Cruz and Jennifer Lopez

  • Other styles include choppy layered full length bob and short layered chin length bob. These are low maintenance hairstyles for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

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