Sounia Gohil’s Destination Wedding Collection at India Beach Fashion Week

Inspired by the essence of destination wedding, Designer Sounia Gohil’s collection‘A Whimsical Tale’ took the audience on an overwhelming journey of style and glamour as the show presented an array of silhouettes.

Think dreamy weddings, minimal embellishments and sheer fabrics,‘A Whimsical Tale’ is an eponymous collection with a USP on fun cuts, flowy sheer fabrics, silhouettes.

As she takes a bow an ecstatic Sounia exclaims, “The inspiration evolved from dreamy bridal weddings which eventually flowed in my creations! The occasional attention grabbing flashes of sheen, sheer, sparkle, crystal dust and architectural prints are the carnival moments in my ensembles. I have been blessed with all the love and good wishes and I’m extremely delighted by the feedback received and I assure to leave you amazed with every upcoming line.”

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