Sonakshi Sinha Style Check

The charming Sonakshi Sinha is back to entertain movie lovers in July with the release of her new movie Lootera. Are you a fan of Shatrughan’s ladli? Well, here we bring you some of her style tips so that you can follow your favourite star and look like her.

Mane care

A look at Sonakshi will surely draw your attention towards her cascading hair. How does she maintain such a shiny mane? Well, it is the mixture of coconut oil and olive oil massage. She uses hair products that contain minimum chemicals.

The top style

Sonakshi is styled top to bottom. She likes wearing her hair in a high tight pony tail or bun. Sometimes she sports some side bangs.

The glowing face

Sonakshi wins hearts with her photogenic face. The glow of her skin is the secret behind it. She keeps her skin glowing by removing the make-up and moisturising the skin every night before falling asleep. She uses Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser and Nivea moisturiser for her skin. She drinks and also advices her fans to drink lots of water to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Designer’s darling

Sonakshi prefers clothing both in bright colours and whites as well. She sports casual tops and jeans and is also seen in white lehengas and salwar kameez. Sonakshi wears western dresses with off-shoulder necklines.

Making it with makeup

This woman tries colour ranging from coral orange to bright, sensual red. For makeup she prefers Chanel’s Mat Lumiere foundation. She uses eye pencil to brighten her eyes. Sonakshi’s makeup highlights her skin that lacks unsightly facial hairs. For this look you need to keep your eyebrows groomed and a get a full facial wax. False eyelashes are Sonakshi’s favourites and she loves wearing transparent mascara from MAX Factor or MAC. Sonakshi keeps her nails colourful too. They are seen in red, orange and pink.

Slight twinkle of jewels

This lady wears minimum jewellery. Her look rests on the colours she puts on. For jewellery she wears a simple gold or silver watch with diamond or cubic stud earrings. Once she wore a diamond nose stud during a photo shoot.

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