Shruti Hassan – A diva to watch out for

Shruti Hassan, the stunning-looking daughter of pretty Sarika and talented Kamal Hassan, is truly multi-faceted, just like her parents. While acting is in her genes, she is a singer, music composer, actor and a fab dancer. She is a known face in the film industry down south and is looking to make a mark in Bollywood as well. We loved her rockstar-ish look in Hindi movie ‘Luck’ and in her upcoming movie ‘Ramiya Vastavaiya’ she is playing a simple, traditional, girl-next door. There is something about her that’s very adorable and impressive. Here’s decoding Shruti Hassan’s style, just for you

Leggy lean frame

She is fit and fab. How does this leggy lady keeps herself in shape? Young Shruti does not frequent gyms. Instead she prefers dancing and hard core exercising. She maintains a routine of four dancing sessions, lasting 45 minutes, every week. She walks on the treadmill at home and also does cardio exercises.Shruti Hassan

Balanced meals

Shruti is what she eats. Diet plays an important role in keeping her fit. For breakfast, Shruti eats an egg with fruits and Muesli, or idlis. She drinks a glass-ful of water-melon juice everyday, which keeps her hydrated and refreshed. Her lunch consists of pasta, salad or some rice and for evening snacks she enjoys a bowl of fresh fruits. Dinner consists of a non-veg item, soup, vegetables and some dal.

Youthful glow

Shruti stays cool and does not fuss over her skin. She is blessed with a natural glow. She makes it a point to wash her face regularly. She prefers natural products for her skin and avoids products possibly containing chemicals. She applies night cream and a good moisturiser during the day time. She applies sunscreen every two hours during her outdoor shoots. To remove her tan, she uses lemon, honey and tomato. She drinks lot of water.shruti hassan lfw 2014

Keep it minimal

Shruti prefers light moisturisers and oil blotters during summers. She uses face mists to keep her skin fresh. When it comes to make up, she keeps it simple and prefers kohl, mascara, concealer and a lip tint.

Clothing it light

During the summers Shruti prefers wearing light cotton clothes.

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