Security systems to safeguard your home !

Home is where you come back to after toiling for a living. But there have been times when you leave for work or go on a long vacation, thoughts about safety of your house keep disturbing you, right? Things like have you turned the gas burner off, have you left the AC on,have you switched off the lights, dominate your mind-space, right? Here are some advanced safeguard systems for your house.

Burglar alarms

As the name suggests, these save your home from intruders. There are various types of alarms which come fitted with sound detectors, motion detectors and even contact detectors. Sound detectors detect the breaking of glass or any other loud noise made while motion detectors can see and sometimes even protect remote parts of your house. Contact detectors can sense how the doors and windows are being opened and closed.

Fire alarms

These alarms come with a fire detector, along with a siren. The siren is activated when the fire detector detects fire. Get a fire alarm that enables you to connect your house with the nearby fire-brigade station when the alarm goes off. Also, when you are going out for long, keep your spare keys with a trustworthy neighbour or with a close relative.

Video door phones

These surveillance devices allow you to see the person who has rung the bell. It also enables you to communicate with the person while you stay inside. If you do not recognise the person, there is no question of opening the door. You get black and white or colour images of the visitor, but it depends on the choice of your model.

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