This Season’s Favourite Metallic Denim!

A long, cool length of shimmering metallic denim is all you need this season to complete your wardrobe. This winter you can’t possibly go wrong with a fierce pair of metallic jeans.

You must have seen Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood Diva, flaunting it in her brand new album that released this year.

We have seen a huge transition in denims this season from neon to sleek coated metallics with tonal graphic patterns. These denims range between 10k to 15k. Top brands like Levis, J Brand and others are seen making these denims from a skin-fit size to a curvaceous one.

Not recommended to wear them to work rather you can wear this glam look for a party or a night out.

Let’s see how you can flaunt this trend!

1. Coated Metallic Bronze

Not too flashy not too dull, this color is the first choice among metallic denims. You can wear them with a light colored top complementing your heavy accessories.

2. Coated Metallic Silver

Second on the list comes the silver color which gives you the freedom to wear a loud colored top.

3. Texture coated Olive Green

A textured metallic denim is trending each day. Make sure you don’t accessorize too much on this one as you might look to flashy.

4. Mid rise Coated Tencel Super Skinny

A pitch black metallic jeans can be possibly worn to your college with a nice-neat long blouse above it.

5. Vera Mid rise Skinny

A burgundy colored skinny denim gives you the red-hot feeling. A proper hair-do with poise on your face can make you look tall and classy.

The beauty of these denims is comfort. Hence, make sure you wear the right things with it. A loose blouse, stilettos, perfect hair-do and a blazer will definitely help you in looking a tinsel town queen!

11 thoughts on “This Season’s Favourite Metallic Denim!

  1. Been longing to get a metallic toned denim here in India. Finally, I know where to get it from. The one the model is wearing is simply awesome. I am gonna get the metallic silver one

  2. Woohoo. Aren’t these awesome denims to complete my wardrobe. I am totally in love with all 5 🙂 The best part is they are very comfortable and yet stylish.

    This article is very useful for me because I would love to wear this glam look for a party or a night out. I am totally in love with these Metallic Denim!

    Thank you so much for this article, would surely purchase one 🙂

  3. A flaunting cool shimmer pants to cocktail parties
    But felt little over priced for middle class people to buy!!


  4. Hey team !

    I love most of these looks but have hesitated to try most of them since I belong to the 9-9 category of corporate slavery ! hehe. Yes , they are a bit loud for office wear right!

    But yes , I have these metallic blue leggings from vero moda which struck me on reading through this article.
    These skinny pairs go damn well with jackets, sleeveless simple teees and a sling bag .
    Be it a weekend trip around Bombay or an EDM gig somewhere, these never go out of style yah !

    😀 great read for the chicas of today 🙂
    Hail PC!

    Aditi Roy

  5. Metallic Denim-Sound pretty interesting!! I think burgundy colored skinny denim is worth trying ..great ideas given and trying them out will surely make me stand out of the crowd

  6. Here’s i found a metallic denim..!Cool shimmer pants..A perfect outfits to give a glamorous look..!I am sure i gonna have it.!

  7. Metallic denim seems to be rage everywhere and I am so glad you’ve actually suggested ideas on how to rock the look. I have a pair that I bought from 7 for all Mankind which is just resting in my closet. Not anymore!! I am kicked about trying this for one of the parties with my girls. Yayy!
    Its definitely not an easy one to flaunt but I am sure one can give it a try with the right set of accessories for a welcome change. Buy them in funky colors and team it with a solid top and your aviators for that rockstar look !

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