Sara Ali Khan Her Parents’ Marriage: What were they thinking?

Sara Ali Khan is known to speak her heart out, without any inhibitions. Recently, she spoke about the marriage and eventually divorce of her parents Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan. Back in the day, their divorce was surrounded her controversies and so was their marriage, with 13 years of age gap. Recently, Sara opened up on her parents’ marriage.

When she was asked if she ever asked her parents what were they thinking, she said, Of course, I did. I asked both of them what were they thinking? I told her, you were 26, and he was a just a kid! But then if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.”

She also put a positive spin on her parent’s divorce, saying, “It’s not nice to live in a home where people are not happy. They’re such nice, positive, bindaas and cool people individually. Together, they’re not. They realized that. And now I have two comfortable and secure homes.”

Sara also revealed that her mother Amrita was very supportive of Saif’s marriage with Kareena.

She said, “When dad told me they’re getting married, I ran to mom asking what will I wear. Mom was so supportive that she was obsessing on what earrings I should wear.”

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