Review: Women’s Horlicks

Women have different nutritional needs as compared to men. Unfortunately, the number of women specific nutritional supplements is quite less in India. Here is our take on GSK’s Women’s Horlicks which is priced at Rs. 180 for 330grams.

What the Brand Claims

GSK claims that Women’s Horlicks helps to improve blood and bone health of women.

What She Likes

Comes in a variety of flavours Vanilla, Toffee, Elaichi and Chocolate (Chocolate tastes the best)

It has the basic nutritional requirements that a women needs.
Folic acid, iron and calcium content helps meet the daily RDA requirement for a woman.
Reasonably priced and easily available across all medical stores
Manufactured by a trusted manufacturer – Glaxo Smith Kline

What She hates

The claim that it builds blood and bone health is a bit exaggerated. It does provide the nutritional requirements, but it does not mean that it can completely restore a women’s health.

You might need to consult with your doctor if you have been suffering from Osteoporosis for a nutritional supplement specific to your condition.

Final Take

Women’s Horlicks is cheap, easily accessible and a tasty nutritional supplement. It is good as an everyday health supplement to maintain good health but it shouldn’t be sued with the intention of treating a health condition such as osteoporosis. Please consult your doctor if you are anaemic or suffer from osteoporosis.

Overall, it is an average nutritional supplement, completely safe and tasty to have every day.

19 thoughts on “Review: Women’s Horlicks

  1. Very gud to taste and I added it in my diet daily I m realy not worried even if I miss my dal milk or fruits as m sure 1 glass of horlicks means I m not missing anything

  2. bcoz every women needs nutrition..want to try this bcoz it improves blood and bone health…who doesnt want to stay yes yes yes to this healthy drink

  3. iam already having this from 1 year..and it is absolutely wonderful..girls try this gives immense energy and strength…thanks a lot team for this review…it boosted me a lot..thank u and lots of love

  4. I dont really like drinking inwill give it a skip.But the review is good.Price is proper.As always health drink conpanies exaggerate too much…ti sell the product.

  5. I would definitely prefer this over tea or coffee as it has great taste and supports your health. It also comes in a reasonable price so I’d give it a try for sure 🙂 Thanks for the review

  6. I’m a vegetarian and the energy required is not sufficient from the food i eat.After reading this article i feel i should try Women’s horlicks coz Women’s Horlicks is cheap, easily accessible and a tasty nutritional supplement. It can be consumed on a daily basis without any health problems.I would love to try tgis for sure 🙂

    1. its a good health supplement, you should try it. but being vegetarian has nothing to do with lack of energy or nutrients. you can search online for sources of all nutrients you need and find apprpriate vegetarin options for all. add nuts, beans and seeds to your diet. m a turned vegetarian and i feel healthier andmoreenergetic on vegetarian diet. all the Best

  7. I met with an accident i become too weak then my daughter who is six years old by seeing add she told me to drink women horlicks and to improve my health afterthat i bought and started to drink twice a day lot of improvement in my health so i suggest women to drink

  8. Love it but dont understand why they have to make it so sweet! A sugar-less version for all those with diabetes would be very welcome!

    1. Yes MIta, your mother can have it daily. My mother is also 62 and she take it every day. My grand mother she is 82 and we give her daily in night . She feels so energetic after she starts taking it.

  9. I have 4 month old baby boy my age is 24 and i m underweight… so today i baught women horlics.. could I gain a weight from this??? Would it be affect my baby or my baby’s digestion or his health in future… plz reply me soon…

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