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Recently, I happened to visit my friends store at Crawford Market in Mumbai and I was astounded to see a variety of imported “healthy” products. I picked up a packet of Typhoo green tea out of sheer curiosity. Its white & lemon green packaging attracted me, though at that point in time I had no idea about the benefits of green tea. When I read more about the product I discovered that Typhoo is a British tea brand acquired by Apeejay Surrendra Group in India. I had no idea that I would soon get addicted to green tea! Here is my review on Typhoo green tea !

I personally like mint flavour, so I picked up Moroccan Mint flavour. I was very excited to try it and so I read the instructions carefully. Typhoo tea comes with the strong fragrance and you have to brew it for two to three minute in boiling water. Just dip it three times and you are ready have refreshing mint-flavoured tea.

Typhoo is very different than other green tea brands available in the market. Earlier, I tried different brands just to develop a taste for green tea, but I could never have more than three four sips. But Typhoo changed it all. You feel refreshed after having this and you can easily have three to four cups of tea in between your breaks or after workout or while watching TV.

Typhoo is available only in tea bags and sells at a premium. Since it’s UK’s premium tea brand, it is priced at Rs160 for 25 tea bags. Even though you are paying more for the box, you will surely enjoy the luxury green tea experience where ever you carry these tea bags. It is highly recommended for people who love to try out green tea. Other offerings from Typhoo are — Black tea, green tea, flavoured tea and infusions.

Benefits of green tea

1 Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidant

2 Antioxidants boost immune system

3 Green tea helps in reducing stress and shedding extra kilos


Comes only in tea bags

Slightly over priced than other green tea brands in the market

Not easily available

Price : 160/-

23 thoughts on “Review : Typhoo Green Tea

  1. Hi Rupa, thanks for your valuable views. We will be reviewing more green tea brands in coming days. Keep reading whatshelikes !

  2. I Do take this particular product before workout it really helps. You can burn fat with regular use of Green tea and with this workout is essential. Nothing comes just by sitting and drinking rather than fat. Come to point Typhoo Green tea is good product tested personally and i do recommend who really wants to change there shapes. Three time a day is enough. Workout + Green tea = Diamond in gold ring.. Cheers live healthy…

    1. one more thing don’t go by flavors test matters or good health you decide … i recommend Typhoo Pure Green tea

  3. Hi, i’ve been drinking typhoo pure green tea. for a week now and i feel wonderful and it makes me feel lighter everyday and more energizing. i drink four to five cups a day and surprisingly ive lost 2kg in one week. But ofcourse ive been eating healthy meals

  4. I always was put off trying green tea as I never liked herbal teas. But after starting a new diet I knew that green tea is one of the best things you can take to help shred weight.

    So while I was shopping I saw typhoo green tea, a pack of 20 bags for only 50p! So I jumped at them, what had I to loose?

    I got home and was pleasantly surprised! It tasted just like traditional tea! So it doesn’t have a strong taste of the typical green tea you might get in cafés.

    So happy with the product and I am taking 3 cups a day of it (which is lots for me considering I never usually drink hot drinks) but its just so easy to take it. Defo reccomend it for the tea addicts, subsitute your normal tea with this green tea, it tastes no different but its doing your body a lot of good!!

  5. Started Typhoo some 2 months back and loved it. I was addicted to tea and it came as a breath of fresh air.Just curious about the quantity of caffeine it contains , Is it really 25 mg as it is with other brand green tea? since i want to go as no caffeine diet need suggestion.

  6. I have been taking green tea last one week ,I feel this is one of best green tea for health Now, I have loose my some weight.Its really working good.

  7. I love Typhoo green tea..cannot survive without it..lovely taste…my family is addicted to typhooooooooooooooooooo.

    For any offers on price pls update me…

  8. I tried Typhoo green tea, but was not happy with the taste. Its very bitter. wouldnt recommend it to any1. I personally like organic India Green Tea.

  9. Good morning,i got mine in spa yesterday.I feel very refreshed after taking this tea. It’s wonderful and different I must say.

  10. No factual evidence is available that green tea helps in loosing those extra kilos, It is an anti oxidants & may help you in revitalizing your immune system and may also help you to fight against disease like cancer, type 2 diabetes and others. However for sure not a solution for weight loss.

  11. actually its not over priced….. its kind of cheap when compared with others
    like they give 100 tea bags for around 300 in amazon its like 3rs per pack where as in other pack like dilmah its more costly

  12. is it supposed to help lower blood pressure? I have heard this but would like to hear if anyone else knows. just bought some so will pop the kettle on!

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