Review: Pigeon’s Baby Shampoo

A baby requires lots of care and attention. From their eating habits to even the simplest products for daily use, a baby is most sensitive during the very first 1 year after birth. Hence, one needs to be very careful when it comes to daily use baby care products.Pigeon

What the brand claims:

Pigeon claims that its Baby Shampoo is mild and does not harm the baby’s eye even if it a small quantity were to enter by mistake. It claims to have a tear free formula.


1. Pigeon is a well established brand and has been making child care products since 1957.
2. Pigeon products are hypo-allergenic does not cause allergy.
3. The product is pH balanced i.e. the baby’s skin is left untouched.
4. Pigeon’s baby shampoo is made of natural ingredients Olive Oil, Chamomile & Rosehip and is good for the baby’s sensitive scalp.
5. It helps keep the baby’s hair silky and tangle free.
6. It does not cause tears to come from the baby’s eyes.


1. Well, I couldn’t find anything that was against this product.

Final Take:

An overall good product that lives up to the needs of a baby’s child care needs. Decently priced at Rs. 185 for 200 ml, I recommend all mothers to use this shampoo for a tear free shampoo experience for their babies.

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