Recipe : Must Try Sweet Fried Modak

‘Modak’ known as sweet dumplings are Ganpati’s favourite among all the food. They say offering to Lord Ganesha is incomplete without Modak. Every region has their own speciality of making Modak. Fried Sweet Dumplings are famous in western Maharashtra. Here is the recipe of yummylicious Sweet Fried Modak and it’s must try in Ganesh Chaturthi !

For outer cover

2 bowls whole wheat flour, ¼ tbsp salt, 2 tbsp hot oil, water to knead, oil for deep fry

For stuffing

1 ½ bowl grated jaggery, 1 ½ bowl fresh grated or desiccated coconut, 1 tbsp cardamom powder, 1 tbsp crushed cashew nuts, 1 tbsp almond crushed, ¾ cup water.Fired Modak


Outer cover – mix all the ingredients together and knead the soft dough, it should not be loose. Cover and keep it aside.

For stuffing

Heat a pan in medium flame add grated coconut, jaggery mix well jaggery will start melting in sometime, add cardamom powder and crushed nuts. Stir continuously till mixture become dry. Place the mixture in a plane plate to cool down.

Make equal small balls of the kneaded dough, roll the each ball lightly as like small bowl shape, and stuff the 1 tbsp mixture into each rolled small Puri and gather pleats together in the centre, seal edges. Deep fry Modak in hot oil.

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