Review: Quaker flavoured oats for good mornings!

Working women are hard-pressed for time. Very few have time to eat elaborate breakfast before leaving for work, nor do they get time to make breakfast for family or kids. Skipping breakfast is not the solution and you must eat something healthy in the morning. So what should be done? Try Quacker oats!

PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats is known for it’s wholesome goodness of amazing oats, which are rich source of dietary fibre and protein. It contains Beta Glucan Fibre, which helps reduce cholesterol. Eating Oats may help reduce risk of high Blood Pressure and helps maintain weight, claims the brand.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]What She Likes :[/highlight]

1) Quaker offers three different variants in this category

2) It’s priced at Rs.10 for 26 gm packet

3) Cooks in 3 minutes

4) Can be filling if eaten in morning

5) We liked the special flavour of Masala & Kesar Pista Oats

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]What She Hates :[/highlight]

1) Strawberry with apple flavour has a strong artificial taste to it

2) You can not taste apple flavour in this

3) Does not mix well like other oats

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-blazeorange” ]Final Take[/highlight]

It’s good for people who believe in quick cooking. We liked the brand’s attempt of experimenting with different flavours. Oats was introduced in India as a health food. But the brand quickly realised that health does not sell in India. What sells along with health is fun and good taste. That is why brands started experimenting with different flavours

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