Product Review : Tropicana Orange Juice

Nowadays the market is filled with multiples brands for health conscious and working women. if you are looking for orange juice we will recommend Tropicana.

As most of them would be aware of orange juice consist of vitamin c which helps especially for women to cleanse their internal system. It prevents bone loss and reduces joint pain. Vitamin C is also helpful for pregnant women.

What the brand Claims

Tropicana claims that its made of specially 100% florida oranges . The brand is marketing this product as a secondary medium of breakfast.


100 % sugar free orange juice
Best Juice for health conscious people
Vitamin C content mentioned on the pack
It comes with good packaging
Price – Rs. 99 for 1 Ltr Pack


Use of orange juice concentrate instead of fresh fruits
Less Vitamin C content

Our Take

We think it’s not necessary a whole glass of nutrition completes your meal. Supplementary breakfast along with the glass of juice is always preferred.We have experienced the same brand juice across the continent ,the taste varies and we wish that brand maintains the same quality standard across the globe. It doesn’t give same nutritional count what homemade orange juice can give.

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