Prepare Your Kids for Outside World

The globe is shrinking everyday and almost all families are dealing with a situation wherein children have stepped out within India or abroad for higher studies or job opportunities. We teach our kids to be independent but are never quite prepared to let them go away. How your kid faces the world outside, entirely depends on your upbringing. While they will always remain kids for you, you must make them strong and imbibe such values in them that no matter where they are, they remain rooted, yet continue to grow every single day. There are no set rules really, to each his own, however, these are some basic upbringing rules for you.TechTrouble to boon for kids ?


Language is your unique identity. While kids pick up English and Hindi on their own, it’s very important that you teach them your mother tongue. It’s imperative that you talk to them in your mother tongue so that they pick it up. It will help them to stay connected to their roots and mingle with their extended family.


While its ok to let your kids indulge in junk food, but it’s very important that you encourage them to eat home-cooked food and delicacies that belong to your region or are a part of your culture and tradition.


They may not like it initially, but it’s must that you tell them about your culture, your family tradition and your festivals right from the childhood. By the time they grow up, they will automatically adopt these things in their way of living.


Teach kids prayers and values and this should be a part of their growing up. Even small teachings like respecting adults and taking care of those who are younger to them, go a long way as they grow up. Teach them how important the concept of family is, how important it is to celebrate festivals together and how important bondings are.

Always remember, children pick things up from their parents. So, if you are near-perfect, your kids will grow up to be great human beings.

6 thoughts on “Prepare Your Kids for Outside World

  1. I agree with your opinion. Small things in everyday life can go a long way in shaping a child’s personality – and it all begins at home.

  2. Most kids these days encounter two different lifestyles – one that they see on TV and that makes them “cool” and popular in school. The other being the one that the parents think is good and may enforce at home. I think its also important for parents to help kids find a good balance between the two.

  3. क्यालीफोर्नियात वास्तव्य,उच्च शिक्षाविभूषित आणि उपरोक्त विचार,निश्चित प्रियंका कवूतुकास पात्र आहे,अभिनंदन ! भाषा , अन्न, संस्कृती व मुल्य या सर्व बाबतीत तिचे विचर परिपूर्ण आहेत !पुनश्च अभिनंदन.अशा लिखाणाची नितांत गरज आहे,Priyanka go on writing !

  4. Very well said Priyanka. Really enjoyed reading this piece, looking for more to come!
    Small things taught right from the childhood make a difference and help shape a child’s character.

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