Premarital Sex Good or Bad ?

We live in a sex saturated culture everything you see around is sex from movies to magazines ads it’s all around you. Living in culture where sex is meant to be a ritual after sex you end up with lot of question on the impacts of premarital sex. Well here is some insight on premarital sex.


Many of you would be of no clue on the preferences or what they like in a sex may be you can be creative with your imagination but oh you never have experienced it. It’s always better to know your likes and dislikes this can take you a long way as you know “A known devil is better than an Unknown Angel”.

Performance & Bonding

Sex before marriage will give you the better idea on the performance of your partner it will also help make better connections with them on an emotional level. The higher the times of sex the higher is the level of connection between you and your partner

On The Contrary!!

Where is all the fun without risk? Sex is supposed to be fun, makes you healthy, and is a stress buster. Well Sex does play a major role in any marriage like all the other things so why not know where you and your partner stand in terms of it practicality.

It has become a trend in today’s society. A lot of Bollywood and Kollywood actress & actors have spoken on this topic. All I would say is, as all the other things you do in life you should take a dip in this too but before taking the plunge you need to be fully aware of all the things to follow and should handle them with responsibility.

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