Picking the perfect running mobile app

Factors considered while looking at these running apps

Accuracy: Does it log my run well?
Motivation: Does the app motivate me to run faster, better, or more frequently?
Friends: Are a significant number of my friends also using the app?
Sharing: Can I easily post my run on social networks?
Openness: Does it connect with other fitness apps to share data
Cost: Do I need to pay anything to get useful features?

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Nike + Running: (Available on android & ios)[/highlight]

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Pros[/highlight]

● Free App
● Accurately tracks runs with gps mapping
● Real time cheers from friends
● Helps you to achieve goals
● Lets you add friends inside app
● Website shows insight of run in a stunning way
● User friendly, lets you share your stats to social networks
● Sync with ipod & chip inside nike shoes. nike sports watch, nike fuel band and other devices sold by nike
● Helps you to challenge friends, distance, time.
● Music tied to run controls
● Lets to keep track of surface you ran on, weather, mood, other notes & shoes used for running.
● Notifies you to retire shoes after certain km, Manages to track multiple shoes .
● Leaderboard on home screen
● Inbuilt shopping space inside app
● Unlimited audio cues

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-blue” ]Cons[/highlight]

● No training plans
● Tracks running only. So does not track walking, cycling, hiking etc.
● Does not share data with other apps

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Runkeeper: (Available on android & ios)[/highlight]

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Pros[/highlight]

● Free app but one needs to pay for run insights feature
● Accurately tracks runs with gps mapping
● Training plans available for free
● Helps improve performance and achieve target goals
● Lets you add friends inside app
● Lets you share runs on social network
● Lets you track all other kinds of cardio activity.
● Unlimited Audio cues (not restricted to so & so km)
● Syncs with heart rate monitor which needs to be purchased online.
● Workout reminder

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-blue” ]Cons[/highlight]

● One needs to pay for broadcasting live run to friends & family

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Runtastic Pro – Available on android & ios[/highlight]

(Paid app, though free version available with limited features)

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Pros[/highlight]

● Tracks accurately & syncs well with other calorie tracking apps like my fitness pal
● Unlimited audio cues for paid app. Only 2 km for free version.
● Weather & insights available for paid version only.
● Lets you add friends from their website only
● Lets you share stats on social networks
● Tracks all cardio activity apart from running.
● Newly added feature – Story running which helps interval running through specially composed music & narratives

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-blue” ]Cons[/highlight]

● One can’t add friends inside app or see their performance
● Doesn’t motivate enough like its competitors

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Zombies Run: (Paid app) Available on android & ios[/highlight]

Interested in the Zombie Apocalypse, this app is 100% for you!

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Pros:[/highlight]
● Best run for fun app
● Both training plan is like a video game forcing you to run away from zombies & civilisation
● Comes with audio cues & story narrated with music
● Syncs to website for game which gives details of zombies avoided, people saved & supplies picked
● Distracts you so much that you forget running and, in the end, you actually ran farther & faster than you originally planned

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-blue” ]Cons:[/highlight]
● Both training plans are paid – Epic adventure & more structured 5k zombie training.
● Not so good app for pro runners
● Lacks in depth running insights

WSL pick – Nike + running app. Its free, user friendly app, tracks accurately, motivates, more response to post on social media, notifies when to change shoes.

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