Parineeti Chopra beauty secret revealed

Parineeti Chopra is bollywood’s much talked about actress these days. She is known for her million dollar smile,bubbly look and great skin.According to Parineeti Chopra following are the skin secrets for her glowing and vibrant skin.

1. Good night sleep

– A good night sleep is very important to glow your skin. If you sleep enough for 7 to 8 hours it is ideal for us. Lack of sleep, or disturbed sleep, can effect your skin badly in terms of the way we feel – and on the way we look

2. Have plenty of water

– Parineeti says ‘Drinking water will cure half of your skin problem and pigmentation.It improves your digestion. One must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day in order to prevent all skin and digestion related problem. It’s best way start your day with a water an empty stomach’.

3. Eat good food

– What you eat actually reflects on your face.It is very important to eat good food which makes you happy. If you are happy it show’s on your skin

4. Moisturize your face

– Hydrated your skin everyday with good mousturiser.Mousturiser works as skin food for your face.Mosituriser every day keeps pigmentation away !

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