Not yet ready to mingle!

Life is beautiful if you have a partner, but it’s equally beautiful, if you are still waiting for your right one. I say be proud of your single status. Here is how you can spice up your bachelors life even more.

Remember, you are just alone, not lonely

If you are single that does not mean you sit in your room and sulk! You can be your best friend. If your friends are busy with their partners/boyfriends/husbands, look your best, step out!

Look for the same wavelength

If you look around, you will find many people who are single – may be an office colleague, or your roommate or your ex-classmate or a friend’s friend. Form a gang and you are sure to have heaps of fun. This will give you an opportunity to meet many people & make your inner circle.

Look for a creative outlet

You can use this time of your life to learn many activities. Sit and think what is that one thing which you always wanted to do. If you always wanted to learn photography or painting or if it was your dream to strum the guitar, now is the time to start.

Little madness is good

Anything routine becomes boring after a while. Little madness is always welcome and being single gives you that golden opportunity!  You have the luxury to spend hours at spa, or watch any damn thing on television. Think, can you really watch ‘Roadies’ when your in-laws are around or ‘Sex and the city’ when your little niece is in the same room! If Nadal is playing Federer at 2 in the morning, watch!

Draw a line

Living a bachelor’s life can spoil you a bit. One needs to draw a line. While you should enjoy this stage, you must also understand that all this is temporary and you should be ready for the next stage wherein you will be expected to make adjustments and share responsibilities.

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