Review: Nivea Vs Dove Whitening Deo

Hi Ladies, today I am going to review the effect of two popular deodorants. The use of deodorants is very important, especially if you are going out for a function or maybe it’s just your routine day at work. A deo helps mask the bad underarm odour that is caused by the bacteria that multiplies as a result of the moisture in the sweat.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about these new deos that not only fights bad odour effectively but also has some whitening effect on the underarms.

Let’s have a look at two of the most talked names in whitening deodorants.

Nivea Whitening Deo

What the brand claims:

• Visibly fairer underarms
• 48hr reliable protection
• Apply to underarm

Products Pros:

• Contains Licorice- that is knows as a natural whitening agent
• Contains Witch Hazel – an astringent i.e. it closes skin pores and prevent excessive sweating
• Has a nice pleasant fragrance
• Does not case irritation on contact with the skin
• Dries quickly when sprayed, doesn’t leave any white patch behind.

Product Cons:

 48 hr protection seems to be just a marketing trick.
 Doesn’t make the underarms white as it claims.

Price: Rs. 185 for 150ml

Rating: ***

Dove Whitening Deo

What the brand claims:

• 48hr reliable protection
• With Vitamins E & F(essential Fatty Acids)
• Unique 1/4th moisturizing creamy formula
• Helps rejuvenate skin cells darkened by shaving or plucking.

Products Pros:

• Contains Vitamin E that is known to rebuild skin
• Contains Vitamin F (essential fatty acids) that helps restore skin elasticity and repair the skin.
• Has long lasting fragrance
• Gentle on the skin
• Doesn’t leave behind any white patches.

Product Cons:

 48 hr protection seems to be just a marketing trick.
 Did lighten the underarms, but not too a great extent.

Price: Rs. 170 for 169 ml

Rating: ****

3 thoughts on “Review: Nivea Vs Dove Whitening Deo

  1. I have used Nivea for about a month, but it didn’t show any results. It’s just a marketing strategy by the brand to attract users. It’s just fake promise they do. Nivea’s whitening deo is not at all good. In fact there are so many good brands in the market that one can go for. About this whitening formula just use home remedies and one will see visible results. Use lemon,salt,curd or ingredient that has citrus in it. Don’t fall for these marketing gimmicks!!

  2. i just bought dove spray bottle yesterday! i’ve only been using it for 2 days so i can’t comment on it’s whitening effect yet but i was really disappointed to see white patches/clumps of something when the spray solidified which is instantly. it’s just like i’m using the stick version but more expensive. dang i should have chosen the roll-on. but i was really keen on buying big sizes so as not go to the store more often. and well the spray bottle seems like it will last longest.

  3. i used Dove Whitening Deo its slow in process of whitening the underarms i used for a month and can see my underarms now been clear without the dark patches to get a better a result of any product need to test for a month or two. for me dove worked .

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