Miley Cyrus’ Style Check

‘Miley Cyrus’ twenty year old star,girl next door with spunky style has been a teenage sensation for long time. From her quintessential looks to current punk-style,Miley has done it all. Let’s find out how this petite diva manages to look radiant,fresh and youthful !


Miley is seen in a wide ranges of dresses. Miley has a very cute style of dressing sense. She loves to carry grunge look,tank top and denim shorts are her all time favorite. We can not ignore her style in award ceremonies and music shows. She is seen in red a gown during at Academy Awards while she is changes into a form-fitting Marchesa at the American Music Awards. In casual occasions this lady is seen in rope printed leggings, striped shorts and also fishnet tank tops.

Hair styles

Your hair can change the way you look.As a teenage star she was sported a cascading flow of long hair with soft blonde as well as brunette curls. Miley has also tried the 60s Bond girl hairstyle and even in ombre bob.She wore her hair in a side-swept style.Now Miley is seen in severe peroxide blonde hair chopped off to suit her round face. One face, many hair styles.


In many occasions Miley is seen with an animal printed or patterned scarf wrapped around her neck to keep lock in the warmth. She is seen wearing a studded leather belt with the tank top paired with leather pants.


She is seen in studded combat boots that highlighted her hot pants. Apart from this, she is also caught in camera wearing knee high boots, over the knee boots, lace up boots, evening pumps, evening sandals, clogs, canvas shoes and even ballet flats.


Miley prefers sporting red lips with the recent cropped hair look. Shutterbugs have caught her wearing metallic nail polish at the Billboard Music Awards. We believe the secret of her innocent look lies in the bold and big false eyelashes.

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