#MeTooIndia: LGBTQ Activist Sukhnidh Kaur’s Musical Explaination Of The Idea Of Consent Going Viral

With #MeToo all over the place right now, 19 year old Sukhnidh Kaur , a legal aid and mental heath counselor and a LGBTQ activist, has come with a song to convey the meaning and idea of consent. Although the song is a minute long, she very well described consent at various places where it is misconceived.

Playing a ukelele, she sings ‘Not a no, and not a maybe, boy you need a yes, otherwise it won’t be considered consent.’

With last few days being disturbing with such a huge number of women coming out with their horrendous stories of sexual harassment and sharing their ordeals, this girl has come up with such a blunt and powerful melody singing “Lines are blurred and grey, Boy you better learn to navigate.”

Later on, in another tweet, she dedicated this song tho MJ Akbar, Union Minister who was accused of sexual harassment by over a dozen women.

This is a creative way of fitting small yet important things in people’s mind and making them understand the concept easily.

Let us know what you think about the song in comments below.

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