MeToo movement: Actor Farhan Akhtar Feels Sorry And Guilty Of Not Knowing What His Cousin Sajid Khan Was Up To

On Sajid Khan being accused by several women of sexual harassment, actor Farhan Akhtar said that he feels guilty for not being aware of his cousin’s indecent behavior towards women. A journalist and actor Saloni Chopra had earlier accused Sajid of sexual harassment, which further leads his stepping down as a director of Housefull 4.

Farhan, who had been very vocal on the #MeeToo movement, was one of the first to react and termed the incident as ‘shocking’ when the allegation surfaced. He did mention that, whenever something of this sort had happened in the public domain, he had been amongst the first to be vocal with his opinions, and now when someone in the family had been accused, maintaining a silence would be a hypocritical act.

Further speaking, Farhan mentioned that on the first day when three women spoke about it, he felt that it is important that he too speak out.

He said that Sajid being his brother, he needs to work with him to see how he can see through this and can make the women who have suffered because of his actions feel better somehow.

This conversation happened between Farhan and Barkha Dutt during ‘We The Women’ event in Mumbai. It is during this conversation when Barkha said Farhan that an apology is not sufficient an excuse, as a sexual violation is a serious crime, Farhan agreed saying that it is absolutely correct and things like this go into the court’s jurisdiction is for the ladies to decide and Sajid has to face such consequences. He further added that apologizing on the matter to start with is a big step and also saying sorry is a big step as it can make the other person feel better.

Farhan on the matter said that when the heard of it first, he had mixed and confusing emotions of disappointment, surprise, and strangeness, as Sajid is a family member and also felt guilty about it. Farhan feels that had he known about Sajid’s behavior earlier and is mentioned that three other women spoke to him in private and confirmed that whatever allegations have been charged against Sajid is all true and he had behaved with them too in a similar fashion.

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