Hobbies to live for!

There are some things in life that are must and some you must pursue! Apart from the regular stuff that life demands from us, it always helps to have a hobby. All of us must have that one creative outlet that keeps us going.


This one surely tops my list. It’s relaxing, refreshing and a very good exercise. So if you are a water baby, go for it!

Painting :

Many people think painting is for artists! But no, just try once. It’s a brilliant creative outlet. It will relax and calm you, broaden your imagination, and you will love to play with different colours.


Reading is one hobby that’s a must and it’s the easiest thing to do. Reading a good book will transport you to another world. Besides, you will get to learn so much about people, history, culture and different places. A great hobby and a good learning experience.

Cooking :

Cooking for many people is a relaxing. It needs a lot of time and concentrated effort, but if the end result is a beautifully-cooked meal, you will feel ecstatic. Try and learn different cuisines and call your friends over, your life is set.

Martial arts:

You may find this weird, but it’s an awesome hobby. It’s a great stress buster, keep you fit and also you will be able to defend yourself when needed.


Without any doubt, it’s an all-in-one hobby! Keeps you fit, peps you up, ups your mood and adrenaline rush, and above all, you get to learn different dance forms.

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