[Video] How to Make Christmas Party Lights with Paper Cups

Spreading holiday cheer with a party this season? Need creative ideas to decorate your homes? This is a great DIY with minimal hassle. 
Hanging lights for decoration could not have been made easier than this! 
All you need is : 
1. Gift wrapping paper/Decorative Paper
2. Paper Cups
3. Scissor
4. Pencil
5. Double sided tape
6. String Lights
Watch the video make these incredible Party Light Covers!


10 thoughts on “[Video] How to Make Christmas Party Lights with Paper Cups

  1. I’m definitely gonna try this trick this Christmas! ^_^ Never thought paper cups could be used this way. W.O.W
    Why didn’t I subscribe earlier?!
    Anyways, better late than never.. Please keep posting such cool stuff 🙂

  2. This is a great idea to decorate simple lights. The wrapping paper makes it so colorful and nice to put up. I would definitely do this DIY for Christmas and boast about it to my friends 😉

  3. love the cool idea….thay are sooo pretty… u made them soooo easily … but i don’t know i can perfect it like u… but gonna try them soon… 🙂 love ur ideas…

  4. This is really very amazing !!! I never knew what creativity is !!!
    A Super-pure inspiration for a person as dumb as me, who was unaware that such beautiful things could be made so easily and no nicely..
    I am definitely doing this on Xmas and New year… But I am sure I can’t do it so neatly..

  5. This idea is awesome.It looks soo cool and easy too.I will surely try this at home for this Christmas….I would also recommend it to my friends….The materials required to make this are also available at any household so it would be no problem for anyone to make it.

  6. Would hv loved to try this one .. but wid so many thngs to b tkn cr of, will hv to giv it a pass nd share wid mah lil bro.. !!! u neva knw d lil genius myt customize it further nd dad myt save sm bucks on Christmas deco.. thanks 4 d idea.. 😀

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