MADS Creations Launches Their New Collection of Chairs

The chair, it is said, is one of the most difficult designs to conceive and execute, given the rigorous ergonomics and aesthetics involved. When the two features meet perfectly, you have the perfect chair – as in the case of a new collection of signature chairs unveiled recently by the Gurgaon-based interior concepts and custom design company MADS Creations.

A low, round chair with turned legs polished in gold and a triangular back, has both a regal and quirky touch to it. The round cushions in gold accentuate the contrast of the materials and shades.

Not only does each chair make a statement with its stunning design features and the choicest materials employed, but it also scores highly on the ergonomics front as well. Form indeed has to lead to function. As each chair takes a form and shape of its own, with different material and a color palette, you are truly spoilt for choice.

A classic button stitch chair with delicately curved legs, all in black, shines with rivets in the front.

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