I love all kind of Bhog food – Mouni Roy

1. How do you celebrate Navratri?

Navratri means Durga Puja for me. I come from Cooch Behar in west bengal. We celebrate Sashti, Saptami, Ashtami and Navmi. It’s five days of complete blast at home. Everyone in the family come together. We get up early in the morning and do our rituals, wear saree. I also keep fast for half day. It’s a completely different experience in West Bengal than any other city. Entire city is lit up. There are Pandals in every corner of the city and there are these small clubs also where we visit. It’s just lot of fun and festivities. This is one festival I look forward to every year.Mouni Roy

2. What does Navratri mean to you?

Like I said Navratri is all about Durga Puja. We do avahan (inviting godess at home) Mahalaya means Maa is coming to our home and she stays at home and she goes back.

3. Favourite food?

Oh am a total foodie! I just hog, you can ask anyone who knows me. I relish on sweets, Khichdi. I sit down with the whole Mishti Doi Matka (smiles) Labra is my favourite, It a perpetration all kind of different vegetables. I love all kind of Bhog food.

4. To all our women readers- Quick tips to dress right for this occasion

Wear Sarees and flaunt it. Nothing can go wrong with this Indian attire

5. Can you describe the Bengali dance during Durga Puja ?

Our dance is called Dhunuchi. All the women come in white and red sarees and play. I have done this a lot in my childhood and burnt my moms sarees. I don’t do fire things during this time. I just play with ashes and do my movements. It’s a great fun.

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