Review: Lifebuoy hand sanitizer vs Dettol hand sanitizer

Today’s review is concerning personal hygiene, something that we have always taken quite seriously so we have Lifebuoy hand sanitizer vs Dettol hand sanitizer two major brands which are widely known in the market. A major problem, when you decide to eat outdoors, is the risk of disease because of consuming food from a dirty hand. Our hand comes into contact with various environmental pollutants and bacteria. Washing our hands before we eat food is essential for removal of harmful disease causing bacteria. The absence of water for washing your hands may put you at a health risk. This is where a hand sanitizer comes real handy when you decide to eat something.Review Lifebuoy dettol

A hand sanitizer is an alcohol based non-soapy solution that cleans (sanitizes) without the use of water. It can be conveniently carried and used anywhere. Today, we will compare two major health sanitizers- Lifebuoy and Dettol.

Lifebuoy VS Dettol

Conclusion: Though there isn’t much of a significant difference between the two sanitizers, when it comes to choosing between them, I would definitely choose Lifebuoy because of its great moisturizing and Vitamin E benefits.

So, go ahead and enjoy your meals while on the run. Just don’t forget to sanitize your hand! Till later, take care and live well.


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