How To Know His All Erogenous Zones 

Understanding your partner does not only involve understanding his emotional needs. To make a relation successful a healthy physical relationship is very much required and you know that. But the real deal lies in not only satisfying your partner but also satisfying him to the fullest. After all give him a good reason before he ever thinks of cheating on you even in his dreams.

So, we all know that you know your partner but how well do you know him physically is the million dollar question. You might know how to turn him own. But do you know where to play with him to tickle him the most. Well, we will help you out here. Our sex goddess brings you some of the secret tips to know all his erogenous zones –

1. Keep Him Kissing


all over the body and closely monitor his reactions. The place where he moans the most is your target.

2. Touch Him at the Nape of Your Fingers

When you feel that he is turning positions or pulling you closer or may be reacting to your touch in any form is your spot to play on.

3. Licking is Always a Fab Idea


Lick him all over his body. You will definitely reach a point where he will get deep sensations and louder moans. You know the rest of the deal girl.

4. Touch Your Guy With Ice

The place where he flickers his eye or battles his eyelids should be the one you should focus most during foreplay.

5. His Favourite Part6


Try to find out which part of his body he plays with other than his penis when he helps himself. He might be fantasising his sex goddess playing with him there.

6. Pick on the Hints

While sex talks try to concentrate on the parts where he stresses on touching, kissing, licking. These are the areas he wants you to play with. He is dropping you hints here. Pick it up women.

7. Use Chocolate


Playing with chocolate can spice up your sex life like anything. Try applying chocolate all over his body. see where he reacts or rather enjoys the most.

8. Watch Porn Together

Try watching porn movies together with your partner. May be that way you will notice his wild movements when he particularly reacts to a scene. That way you can find out your favourite spot.

9. Touch With Your Feet


Your feet movement can do wonders to your body. so, why not try by rubbing your toe fingers all over his body gently and may be then you will land up to his target spot.

10. Tickle Him


Why not try this old love method? Tickle him, see the fun and playfulness in his eyes. May be you will find the place you are looking for.

We are sure now that you are all charged up and ready to hit the jackpot. Good luck girls and let us know any more tips to find out his favourate spot.

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